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8/23/2018 Marc M. Sultan
Midlothian TX Chapter: TX XXi
Just got my bike back, does anyone know of any short rides???? Anxious to get back on the road.

4/9/2018 Marc Sultan
Loxahatchee FL Chapter: FL X
I just moved to Midlothian, Texas and I am looking to join the local Chapter.

5/14/2014 Carol Darling
Kemp Tx Chapter: TX 21
I had a great time at the campout last weekend at Navarro Mills. Couldn't believe that I didn't have to cook a thing all weekend, and yet, ate like a queen. Sure loved that dutch oven cobbler too !!!! Had a good time hanging out & visiting with all that came. And for those who didn't make it, hope to see you next time !

5/23/2012 Garry "Lil Guy" Grisham
Fort Worth TX Chapter: Not Entered
For the second year, I have enjoyed playing in the annual Texas XXI Golf Tournement. The money raised goes to the community and it is a well organized tournement. The food is always great and I enjoy the camaraderie displayed by all the members of the Blue Knights. I appreciate the invite to play and look forward to next year.

12/11/2011 Frank Spears
Raleigh NC Chapter: NC II
Very nice site... and very informative. Ride safe! Frank Spears Chaplain

5/24/2011 Sandi Long
Arlington Tx Chapter: N/A
Thank you for your service to the communities in which you serve. Just wanted to say I am a fan, having worked for San Bernardino, Ca Sheriff's Dept for many years and interacted with various Law Enforcement Organizations. It is wonderful to see lovers of riding doing such great things for the community. God Bless you all.

5/10/2011 Monica Cram Awbrey Not Entered
Cabot AR Chapter: N/A
I've enjoyed veiwing your web page and photos. I'm proud to see my ol' Dad hangin with such a cool looking group. Maybe it is he who makes ya'll look so cool. Really though this is something to be so proud of. The trips and the awards/recognition, functions but more importantly I believe is whom the club is made up of. I appreciate the service each of you provide and/or have provided! Glad to see you all enjoy life because you deserve it! Thank you all.

4/11/2011 Vernon Sansom
Ovilla TX Chapter: TX XXI
Great ride Saturday to Mary's! Thanks, Dwight, for your leadership. Also the website is looking good.

4/8/2011 Jeffrey Seif
Ovilla TX Chapter: XXI
I think this new website is fantastic. Appreciate all the work that went into it.

4/6/2011 Donnie Reeves
Midlothian Texas Chapter: Ex Tx 1
Ken, The web master is doing a fantastic job. Web page is easy to navigate and informative. First Class

3/31/2011 Michael Burton
Athens TX Chapter: TX XXI
Web site is looking good!!



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